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Radimix is a promoter of rooting consisting of multiple substances which was added a very high concentration of microorganisms symbionts that live precisely in symbiosis with the root system . An amazing product for both collected trees than trees which must take better radical force (as well after repotting to help overcome stress derived from this). The product should be applied at a dose of 2ml per liter of water.

A calibrated mixture of amino acids with specific functions in the metabolism of the plant and with chelating properties of the meso and micro elements. Microorganisms PGPR ( Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) as Bacillus spp, Pseudomonas spp and Streptomyces spp release in the rhizosphere hormone-like substances that stimulate the proliferation and growth of root cells. They produce also siderofore active substances in chelation of nutrients. A team ally for all trees, which helps in the critical moments of cultivation. It stimulates the rooting of cuttings herbaceous and woody without causing phytotoxicity phenomena that may occur by using synthetic hormones. Limits the occurrence of post-transplant crisis, improving the rooting of seedlings and vegetative growth accelerating.
Used in mixture or in succession to fungicides interventions for containment of pathogenic fungi in the roots (Fusarium spp. , Verticillium spp. , Phytophthora spp. , Pythium spp. , Sclerotinia spp. , Rhizoctonia spp. , Thielaviopsis basicola , Root suberosa , etc. . ) promotes the issuance of new roots in collected trees and reduces the effect of the active phyto- toxic chemical. On essences subjected to environmental stress (water stress, abnormal temperatures, root asphyxia) after removing the cause, stimulates the re-issue of the root hairs allowing rapid vegetative growth.
Phytostimulant radical action on the apparatus and the consequent increase of the development, improve the ability to absorb nutrients and water, thus maximizing the exploitation of resources.
In soils with abnormal pH and low content of organic matter prevents the appearance of microdeficiencies thanks to natural substances to the chelating properties of microelements.

Amino acids 13%, 10 PGPR organisms (high to tenth) cfu/100g.

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