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BIOXIM IS AN ORGANIC SOIL REBALANCER WITH MICROBIAL ACTIVITY. Truly a product of last generation that makes the real difference in growing and cultivation! The composition of particular strains of antagonistic microorganisms that live in symbiosis with the roots of the trees, allows you to get a better vegetation as well as the health of all plants. It also improves the induced resistance against fungi (root rot , etc.). Application on all plants (root and leaf) at 2 ml per liter of water, then repeating the treatment after 10 days for 4 times in spring and 4-5 times during autumn.

SPECIFICATIONS: Microorganisms are among the key components for soil fertility. Active in the cycle of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus -, meso- and micro- elements) are the key processes of humification and mineralization of organic matter and thus the formation of a proper soil structure.
Produce hormone-like substances that stimulate the growth of crops, organic acids and siderophores that chelate nutrients and convey them inside the plant. Bioxim is a concentration of microorganisms of the genera Bacillus, Pseudomonas (produce hormone-like substances and siderophores ), Streptomyces (important in the processes of transformation of organic matter).
Bioxim fights 'fatigue' the progressive reduction of soil fertility which is called 'exhaustion of the soil'. The microorganisms contained in Bioxim addition to restore proper microbial flora, are able to degrade the molecules that prevent the proper development of the plants.
Bioxim restores the microbial flora of soil after sterilization. Fills the "biological vacuum" left by soil sterilization (chemicals , etc.). . The colonization reactivates the biological processes of the soil, prevents the entry of any pathogenic fungi physically occupying the living space. Bioxim active the organic fertilization.
The micro-organisms acting at the enzymatic processes of mineralization and/or humification of organic matter and release of nutrients in it. The organic matter is distributed effective nutritional level and improves the physico-chemical properties that increase the fertility of the soil. It works by accelerating the decomposition of organic matter, rapidly transforming crop residues into stable humus.

Microorganisms PGPR 10 ( raised to the tenth ) cfu/100g. Organic matrix: Simple non-composted fertilizer plant 10%, mycorrhizae ( Glomus spp endomycorrhizae ) ... 5cfu/100g , bacteria in the rhizosphere ( Streptomyces spp, Pseudomonas spp , Bacillus spp ) ... 10 to the tenth cfu/100g, Tricoderma ( Trichoderma harzianum, T. viride )... 10 to the fifth cfu/100g .

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