Shipping information

The shop relies on multiple express couriers in relation to the type of goods to be shipped (bonsai, tools, soil, etc.); in order to offer the most appropriate service. Generally, Italian shipments are delivered within two working days of the departure of the goods (usually delivered within 24/48 hours, with the exception of Sicily-Calabria and Sardinia which require 3 working days).

The shop ships throughout Europe with maximum professionalism and speed, through a dense logistics network adopted by the couriers it relies on.

The shop automatically prepares the "cart" with the basic shipment, evaluating the cost in relation to the weight and size of the goods purchased.

Given the wide range of products handled in the shop (which differ greatly from each other), we will always try to use the most convenient and suitable type for the goods to be shipped; this in order to offer the most adequate and safe service.

For each order received, the name of the courier used and the relative package number will be forwarded by email (once the goods have been shipped) in order to be able to follow the status of the shipment.

In the case of large purchases (intended as the cost of the same) it is possible to request by email ( before placing the order, the application of insurance coverage proportionate to the value of the goods purchased.

Below are some examples of shipments that the shop carries out for complete safety during the journey of the plants and bonsai that are purchased. The bonsai are shipped protected inside special wooden crates on pallets, made to measure in relation to the total size. Subsequently everything is fixed with special stops (tied up) to prevent the trees from moving during the journey and finally the pallet is sealed with special packaging tape; thus guaranteeing at the same time both further protection and the passage of air and light from the top and bottom of the wooden box which remain specifically open.

Bonsai shipping example: