Acer palmatum

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Bonsai maple of Acer palmatum.

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  • Botanical name: Acer palmatum
  • Common name: Japanese maple
  • Style: Kabudachi (multi trunk style)
  • Age: approximately 35 years old
  • Origin: Taishoen, Japan
  • Dimensioni albero (vaso escluso): altezza 52cm, nebari 21cm, larghezza 28cm
  • Trunk diameter at the base: 8cm
  • Dimensioni vaso (esterne): diametro 27cm, altezza 6cm
  • Pot source: Tokoname, Japan
  • Ulteriori informazioni: Bonsai d’acero palmato in stile multi tronco (kabudachi)

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Height of tree


Age tree

31-40 years

Type of plant

Deciduous broadleaf


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