Carpinus turczaninowii

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Bonsai of Korean hornbeam.

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  • Botanical name: Carpinus turczaninowii
  • Common name: Korean hornbeam
  • Style: Sokan (style double troncio or father and son)
  • Age: approximately 55 years
  • Origin: Japan, Taishoen
  • Shaft dimensions (vase excluded): height 69cm, nebari 32cm, width 80cm
  • Trunk diameter at the base: 20cm
  • Planter size (external): 55x45cm, height 11.5 cm
  • Pot origin: Japan
  • More informations: Bonsai of Korean hornbeam (iwashide) in the style of a double trunk. The tree has been exposed in the past to show Kokufuten
  • Here is the link where you can see a further video of the tree:

Additional information

Weight 29,9 kg
Height of tree


Age tree

51-60 years

Type of plant

Deciduous broadleaf


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