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BONSAI MAPLES (English version), the cultivation of The maple trident and palm trees:the history, the secrets and techniques of cultivation.A HARD COVER copy AUTOGRAPHED by the Author.(429 page 28x21cm, and over 700 images)

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There was not, as in Europe, no treaty on the genus Acer which was not approximate and partial. Here is addressed, for the first time, the bonsai cultivation of maple, palmate (紅葉) and the trident (楓) in a complete way, without losing any detail or argument. These two species possess the growth, needs, and different features; for this reason, they need to be treated in a different way.

Reading the book, every person will be able to find exactly what they are looking for in a very clear and detailed. The text is full of illustrations, photographs and drawings (supplied) (over 650), which guide you step-by-step in the development of the various techniques and of the various topics.

Have been enclosed to the most modern techniques bonsaistiche avant-garde, that is going to marry in an emotional combination with the naturalness of this species. The author, thanks to his regular business trips and study in japan land, together with the many translations of texts of the sector, he had a way of constantly expand his knowledge over the years, learning directly from the most famous masters of bonsai. The purpose of this publication is to make available of all, in a clear and illustrative, every single detail, and technique.

In the initial part is also an important historiography of the genus Acer, risalendone in its infancy. Each species and cultivars is portrayed in no way exhaustive, as only an expert botanist would know how to do, bringing in each section for specific details useful in the cultivation of bonsai. In addition to being treated the various cultivars are used in bonsai cultivation, differentiate its three sub-species of maple, palmate, giving the correct references to recognize them.

The entire text is permeated by an atmosphere of japan; they are here contained interesting information about the japanese culture, together with the location and the maple occupies within it.

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