Pinus pentaphylla

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Bonsai of japanese white pine.

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  • Botanical name: Pinus pentaphylla
  • Common name: japanese white pine
  • Style: Kengai (cascade style)
  • Age: over 100 years
  • Origin: The tree comes from the bonsai garden of Fujikawa, Koukaen, Japan
  • Tree dimensions (pot excluded): height 60cm, nebari 30cm, width 79cm
  • Trunk diameter at the base: 26cm
  • Pot sizes (external): 36x36cm, height 23cm
  • Pot origin: Yamaaki
  • More informations: Bonsai of japanese white pine (goyomatsu) really wonderful in cascade style, coming from the bonsai nursery of Fujikawa, Koukaen (with certification). Really charming and unique tree!

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Weight 29 kg
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Age tree

101+ years

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