Workshop with Marostica bonsai club

Last weekend of January 20-21, 2024 I was a guest at the Marostica bonsai club to hold some workshop days.
Over the years I have had the pleasure and opportunity to make some really great friendships with several of its members.
It's truly a beautiful group driven by the same passion, where everyone is always ready to help each other in times of need!
All in a beautiful serene atmosphere of friendship where jokes never fail:)
Bonsai is also and above all this: sharing and mutual help!
The Bonsai Clubs are the lungs of our national association, they must be cared for and preserved in thanks for all the work they do in the area.

Over the course of the two days, we worked on the members' plants, many of which we have already started to carry forward together in recent years, and it is nice to see their development and improvement over time.
Specifically, pruning, wiring and even some repotting were carried out.
Various grafts were also carried out on the bonsai that needed it.

The palmate maple below is a tree I bought in Japan on commission for a club member (who is also a dear friend).
It is a tree with an elegant and very particular shape which in its simplicity requires careful analysis on how to develop it over time in order to be able to bring out all the intrinsic character it possesses.
I will document the development in the future with a detailed analysis of the step-by-step interventions.

Photo below: some shots at work during the days.

The karin (Pseudocydonia sinensis, or Chinese quince) below is a tree that I bought in Japan on commission for a student of mine and a dear friend.
It is a tree with truly great potential which certainly will not fail to bring great interest to it in the future.
During the workshop we began to carry out the first structural works, as the elimination of counter-conical parts or defects of the trunk in order to give the best possible conicity and with good dynamism of the whole structure.
A detailed article will also follow here to document its development over time, bringing attention to all the interventions that will be carried out from time to time.
The first photo was taken in Japan at the time of purchase, instead the second is during the works.

Photo below: the karin at the end of the work.

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See you soon and happy bonsai to everyone!


6 responses to “Workshop with Marostica bonsai club”

  1. Giuliano Avatar

    Due meravigliose giornate con un grande maestro e uomo. Grazie Andrea.

    1. Grazie a voi.
      A presto

  2. Dandonneau Avatar

    Good place , good People, perfect work.
    Thank you very much Andrea

    1. You welcome!
      Pleasure of mine:)

  3. Vincenzo Bandello Avatar
    Vincenzo Bandello

    Grazie mille per il supporto, é sempre un piacere stare insieme 🥰
    Vedremo insieme lo sviluppo dei nostri Bonsai.

    1. Il Bonsai che unisce sempre e comunque:)
      A presto!

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